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Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus 1

Today’s recipe features one of the blanched Octopus tentacles from my recent Foodstuff post on Octopus. Many cuisines grill octopus but the Greeks are masters and the result here is pretty Grecian in spirit …

Grilled Octopus 2

I made a few slashes in the thicker part of my tentacle in order to allow flavors to penetrate it and then I marinated for about a half-day in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, and a pinch of oregano. I also added just a tiny pinch of sugar.


Grilled Octopus 3

Although a wood-fire would be spot-on, II grilled it in a ridged pan over maximum heat for about 4 or 5 minutes on each side. Before doing so, I skewered the tentacle lengthwise in order to keep it from curling up.

For plating, I drizzled some of the marinade on my plate and added some slices of tomato and Kalamata Olives. I sprinkled a little chopped parsley and chilli flakes over the top and served while still piping hot.

The result here was excellent. I find that better than half the grilled octopus dishes I have eaten were overcooked. This, I have to say, may be one of the best I have had …


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