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Lemon-Stuffed Olives

Lemon-Stuffed Olives 1

A few months ago, I had an appetizer in a Greek restaurant that featured olives stuffed with a number of different ingredients, one of which was lemon. In following up, with a view to trying something similar at home, I discovered that most recipes for lemon stuffed olives tend to use the zest for the stuffing. The ones I had at the restaurant were quite mild when It came to the lemon flavor and I am not sure whether they used the zest or the flesh. In any event, for today’s recipe, I went with the latter…

Lemon-Stuffed Olives 2

I am using some fairly large brine-packed green olives for this particular dish. The stuffing operation is fairly simple and requires only that you chop a little lemon flesh and then poke it into the holes in each olive.


Lemon-Stuffed Olives 3

You could probably serve the olives immediately after stuffing, but I am adding a little flavor by marinating them in a little white wine, olive oil, chopped garlic, and a pinch each of oregano and coarsely ground chili. I let everything sit for just a few hours but overnight, or even a few days would be fine too…

Very tasty 😊

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