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Scallop Bhaji

Scallop Bhaji 1

A little over years ago, I posted a little appetizer recipe for something I called Scallop Clusters. It was a Japanese inspired dish featuring bits of scallop deep-fried Kakiage style and I like it very much. For today’s post, I have used that appetizer as a starting point and created something along the lines of the Indian style fritter called a ‘Bhaji’. The recipe isn’t an actual Indian recipe but seasonings are definitely Indian in spirit …

Scallop Bhaji 2

For these Bhaji, I have used about a half cup of diced scallop meat, and for the vegetable component, about one-quarter cup each of slivered onion, red bell pepper, and green chilli. I tossed the latter with a generous sprinkling of garlic salt and let them sit for about twenty minutes to macerate.


Scallop Bhaji 3

The batter I am using consists of a third of a cup of flour, one egg-white, and enough water to make a thick blend. To this, I added 1 teaspoon of freshly ground coriander, one tablespoon of turmeric, and a generous teaspoon of coarsely ground red chili.


Scallop Bhaji 4

After adding the main ingredients to the batter mix, I popped into the fridge for thirty minutes to chill. This not only helps the flavors develop a little but makes the mixture easier to handle.


Scallop Bhaji 5

To fry, you simply add heaped tablespoons of the mix to moderately high deep-frying oil, cooking in batches to avoid cooling the oil too much and making it easy for the Bhajis to stick together. It helps if you do as the Japanese do when cooking Kakiage, and poke each fritter here and there with a chopstick or bamboo skewer during the process, as this helps the interior cook. Once the Bhaji are all golden, you can give the whole batch a second frying to get them nicely crispy and then drain them on paper towels.

For service, you could serve them with any sort of dipping sauce you like. Here, I just served mine in a little pool of mayonnaise infused with just a dash of chilli sauce…


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