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Sushi Village Revisited

JR Egg Sushi and Sashimi 1

I don’t generally give restaurants a second review…  I visited, and reviewed Sushi Village almost two years ago and all I will say about this most recent visit is that the ambience, food and service are about the same as they were for my first experience. That being said, I dropped in to the place once again quite recently (as the place is very close to the hotel where I most commonly stay in Ottawa), and I thought my readers might like to see the dishes I selected.

The first, which you see pictured above, was listed on the Sushi/Sashimi menu as just ‘Egg’, which I took to be a sushi/sashimi version of the multi-layered Japanese omelet known as ‘Tamagoyaki’. It was an egg dish, no doubt, but the connection between that basic fact and the complex Japanese egg specialty ended there. What I received was sort of an omelet, I suppose, but it was little more than plain egg that was cooked (in some way) to produce a thin, faintly rubber-like, sheet of yellow plastic. It didn’t taste bad, by any means, but it could easily have been powdered egg, and the texture was nothing like I a proper Tamagoyaki omelet. In fairness, the menu never made that specific claim but I will note, in passing, that I went and had what was definitely touted as ‘Tamago’ in a much higher end sushi restaurant only a few days later and got the same thing … Shame!

JR Japanese Fried Things

I forget how they described the next dish on the menu, but it was sort of a deep-fried combo featuring Cuttlefish, Oyster and (apparently) Octopus…

The Cuttlefish offering (ln the far-left) was very much like some ‘Squid Balls’ I had at a different place just the year before, and they may well have used squid rather than actual cuttlefish. The nicely ‘springy’ texture and fresh ocean taste were very similar and every bit as good.

The Deep fried whole oyster was very good and I don’t know how to describe it much more than does the bare title as it was very straightforward… consisting, as far as I could tell, of no more than lightly breaded deep-fried oyster. It was simple, good, and needed no condiment at all…

The deep-fried octopus ball, which was, I think, supposed to be a sort of ‘Takoyaki’, was nowhere near as good as the other two items. It was a doughy ball, deep-fried, that had a tiny fragment of something (which may indeed have been octopus) at the center. Deep-fried dough with a dipping sauce can be very good (after a case or so of beer), but this was just unimpressive …


Vanilla Tempura Shrimp

I won’t say too much about the last offering … There was an item called ‘Vanilla Tempura Shrimp’ and I tried a couple of Deep-fried Squid rings. The latter were unremarkable (no different from pub-style Calamari, really) while the shrimp were singularly unimpressive. They were tiny, for a start and the batter, while having a slight lemon quality, had no hint of vanilla about it all. Pretty lame, quite honestly…


2 thoughts on “Sushi Village Revisited

  1. Long time ago, I have come to the conclusion that if I really want to enjoy food, I have to cook it myself at home.
    That being said, of course there are great restaurants out there, but they are usually either hard to find , or VERY expensive, or both. I know of maybe 10 good restaurants in all of South Florida, while thousands are mediocre or outright crap.
    The problem is that most folks don’t know good food anymore, including the “cooks” who cook the food, so every single crappy joint has (Best food I ever ate) in their reviews 🙁

    1. I get enjoyment from culinary adventures even when the food is not great… just trying something new or analysing why something is bad is part of the fun 🙂

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