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Fake 'Oyster Sauce' Experiment

I began experimenting quite a while ago, attempting to make a sauce something along the lines of the standard Chinese Oyster Sauce. Essentially, an oyster sauce is the essence of oyster extracted through long simmering and then sweetened and thickened in various ways. I was aiming for the basic taste, except, for my experiments thus far, I used shellfish ingredients other than oyster…

In the inset in the above picture, you can see the brown, viscous, and thick sauce I produced, along with a simple stir-fry dish I cooked using it (It was pork, green pepper and onion as best as I remember). I made the sauce almost two years ago (and the stir-fry a few months later), but I shelved the project for the time being and only resurrected it recently. I still had a jar of the sauce in the fridge and I was a little amazed to find that, not only had the sauce maintained very much the same consistency and viscosity (and not dried out as I might have expected), but it also had preserved its original taste to an amazing degree.

My method was to boil some cooked lobster shells, a little leftover lobster meat, and some dried shrimp in water, reducing it until the ‘broth’ was quite strong. I then cooked this once again along with soy sauce, unflavoured corn syrup, and a little sugar, once again reducing everything until the consistency was like a commercial oyster sauce.

In actual oyster sauce, the flavor is sweet and salty with a vaguely shell fish background; It is oyster-like to a certain degree, but really, any suitably sweet,  marine type flavor would work, and my lobster-shrimp concoction managed to reproduce the essential taste quite well. In any event,  I want to keep working at this and reduce the process to a simple ‘recipe’ in the near future, and I will certainly post my work as it develops…


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