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Lamb Chop Tapas

Lamb Chop Tapas 1

I love lamb chops …

Typically, I just grill a few up and serve them with some mashed spud and a couple of other veggies, and, of course, a bit of mint sauce or mint jelly. As such, I generally think of lamb chops as a main course sort of thing but, for today’s post, I tried an appetizer type offering along the lines of a Spanish ‘Tapas’ …

Lamb Chop Tapas 2

To begin with, I marinated my chops in some of my homemade Mint Sauce. You can make your own, or else use a commercial mint sauce, or else a commercial mint jelly diluted with a little vinegar. As you can see in the picture, I also slashed through the edge fat and underlying fascia in a couple of places. This not only helps the marinade to penetrate but also prevents the chops from curling at the edges under high heat.


Lamb Chop Tapas 3

For grilling my chops, I made a simple basting preparation consisting of a little yoghurt, salt, pureed garlic and chopped fresh rosemary. You can add to this as you see fit, but the basic idea is that you make a light ‘glaze’, not a sauce…


Lamb Chop Tapas 4

I made a ‘bed’ for my chops by sautéing some thin slivers of red and green bell pepper in a little olive oil and just a tiny bit of minced garlic. For a bit of additional flavor, and to provide a little steam action, I added a few teaspoons of sherry.


Lamb Chop Tapas 5

Finally, I grilled my chops in a ridged grill pan until medium rare. For illustration purposes, I have shown the chops in different stages of grilling… Naturally, this is not the way I would do things in the normal course, but it shows my preferred progression…

Generally, when I cook thick lamb loin chops, I cook the flat end of the bone first (as shown in the two chops on the right). After that, I cook the thick part of the fat until it is browned ( see the upper right chop), then I cook the chops on each flat side. Here, you can see that I have basted each side before grilling and, during the cooking process I turned the chops a couple of times each, basting with the remaining glaze.

Finally, I served the chops on top of the pepper strips with a little sprig of rosemary for garnish…


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