Dim Sum at Chu Shing

I first visited the Chu Shing Restaurant for Dim Sum on a visit to Ottawa some eight years ago. Last year, I tried to make a second visit for lunch but the place was so packed I gave up on the idea and it was only on my most recent trip to the capital that I was able to sample their dim sum once again. This trip was on a Tuesday afternoon so the place was not too busy, and the cart service (which can pretty slow in some places) was bringing around delicacies more quickly than I could eat them …

Shrimp Rolls – These were Spring Roll wrappers stuffed with minced shrimp. The shrimp was a tasty enough, but a little more filling would have been better. The ‘sweet and sour’ sauce served on the side was basically dilute ketchup and not very good. The rolls went better with a dip of soy sauce with a little chili sauce supplied on the table. Overall these were not bad.


Har Gow – Har Gow are the bench mark by which many fans judge a Dim Sum restaurant. Many times, I find the ones I get served to be wanting in some way but these were excellent. They were very well-formed and the shrimp was in large chunk, crisply tender, and very tasty. The wrapper was slightly dry on the outside (which happens with cart service dim sum), but overall they were very good.


Steamed Squid – This consisted of pieces of baby squid steamed with ginger and scallion. The squid was a bit over steamed and, in all honesty, probably not the freshest quality, but I still enjoyed it well enough.


Shrimp Chang Fen – As far as Chang Fen generally go, this dish, like the Har Gow, was better than those one can usually get in many other places. The shrimp were good sized, generously supplied, and were very tasty. The oyster sauce in which the rolls were served was very delicate and balanced the flavor of the rolls very nicely. I thought this item was excellent.


Ham Sui Gok – These, unfortunately, were a bit of a disappointment, although they were attractive and nicely formed. The problem was that they were a little too large. They were not quite crispy enough on the outside and the overly thick wrappers were doughy and pasty to the bite. There was very little pork on the inside (which is actually pretty standard), but the pork that was there was over seasoned with five spice powder and just not that tasty in my opinion.

Anyway … this recent excursion to Chu Shing was very pleasant overall, with far more hits than misses…


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