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Notable Nosh: Mushrooms Neptune at the Keg

Mushrooms Neptune

My great pleasure in visiting Ottawa is trying out new restaurants but, in the few years, it has become something of a tradition for me to make my last meal in town a steak at The Keg in Byward Market.Usually, after having spent a week or ten days in the city, I have finished my culinary adventures and just want to have a decent steak in pleasant surroundings near to my hotel…

On my last visit, I risked overstuffing myself and tried one of the appetizers before tackling a pretty healthy sized rib-eye steak. The selection I chose was the Mushroom Neptune you see pictured above which was described on the menu as consisting of mushroom caps with crab and cream cheese. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant about trying this as it sounded as though it might be a bit rich and overdone but, as it happened, it was reasonably light and very nice.

Aside from the fact that the dish had been taken from the oven with s decidedly grubby oven-mitt, the presentation was very nice and, although it might not be apparent, the caps were served in the ‘wells’ of an escargot dish with the cheese placed over top and nicely browned in the oven.

I was rather expecting, as I say, something heavy and rich but, in fact, the topping was prepared in such a way that it was very light and almost fluffy, rather like the toasted topping of Bechamel sauce on a traditional lasagna. It was lightly flavored with a little scallion and just a hint of garlic and the overall effect was very nice. I had already ordered a Zinfandel to sip on before ordering and, while I found it to be a bit ‘big’ and unsubtle as a sipping wine, it actually was much better with this very pleasant appetizer.


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