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Meal Excursion: Lunch at C’est Japon a Suisha

C'est Japon a Suisha 1

I had been meaning to visit this place on Ottawa’s Slater street for some time now and, though I finally made it with a mind to write a proper review of the place, I unfortunately did not arrive at the best time to do so. The restaurant opens for lunch but then closes quite early in the afternoon before opening again in the evening and I did not get there unto just a short time before the kitchen shut down. Still, I managed to sample a few of their fish selections, both as sashimi and sushi, and I will share them here now with a promise to return sometime for a more thorough report…

C'est Japon a Suisha 2

Hotate (Japanese Sea Scallop) – The flesh of this raw scallop was super sweet all by itself, and had a lovely texture that was delightfully firm but still tender. With both the sashimi and the sushi, soy with wasabi constituted grievous overkill and I thought the best result was to be had by simply pressing the scallop flesh against a lemon slice before popping in to one’s mouth. This was excellent.


C'est Japon a Suisha 3

Saba (Mackerel) – This selection was a bit different than I usually encounter. The flesh was slightly fibrous, but tender and nicely sweet, but it didn’t have the sample salt and vinegar ‘pickle’ quality as Saba sashimi and sushi generally does. It had an interesting faint smoky taste, but was much milder and sweeter than I have had elsewhere. The sushi portion came garnished with ginger and scallion, which was quite nice, but, really, the nice sweet flesh was terrific unadorned.
C'est Japon a Suisha 4

Suzuki (Sea Bass) – I think that if I were to recommend a fish that a beginner to sashimi should start with, Sea Bass may well be it. The flesh is very mildly flavored indeed, and has a terrific sweetness, with a tender texture. Here it was very nicely sliced (thick enough to give it a slightly fibrous bite), and it was super delicate in taste. It was okay with soy and wasabi but I thought that a little lemon juice in the soy made the best accompaniment.


C'est Japon a Suisha 5

Finally, I thought these delightfully carved cucumber garnishes were worth a separate photograph. All in all, I enjoyed my brief meal at this place and I got to try a couple of interesting Japanese beers as well as some nice dished. By the time this article is actually posted, it will probably be only a few weeks before I off to Ottawa again. This time, I am going to C’est Japon a Suisha in the evening for a more leisurely meal…

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