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Spicy Korean Beef Ribs

Spicy Korean Beef Ribs 01

Back in February, I posted a recipe for Korean-Style Beef Ribs  using the ‘flanken-cut’ style of rib that I much prefer over the thicker, and usually greasier, standard sort of beef short-ribs. This style of cut has appeared again in one of our local stores recently so I grabbed quite a few packages for the freezer.

For the first use, I decided to try another typically Korean sort of barbecue rib dish, but this time making everything a little spicier with the addition of the fiery Korean Chili paste known as Gochujang  …  Continue reading “Spicy Korean Beef Ribs”

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Korean-Style Beef Ribs

Korean Ribs 1

While perusing the contents of my freezer today, I came across some of the same ‘flanken-cut’ beef short ribs that I used to make Pepper Steamed Beef Rib a few weeks ago. This time, though, I wanted something grilled and I decided to prepare them Korean-fashion along the lines of the popular restaurant offering known as ‘Galbi’ or ‘Kalbi’.

Many recipes you come across for this preparation, especially the more westernized versions, use a marinade very similar to the typical Japanese Teriyaki blend of soy, sugar and garlic and ginger, but, in Korea, it is quite common to add the juice or puree of Asian pears as this not only helps tenderize the meat but also adds a lovely flavor. I can actually find the right variety of pear in our local stores fairly often but, for this experiment, I decided to try substituting a simple apple sauce instead… Continue reading “Korean-Style Beef Ribs”

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Sesame Miso Beef Ribs

Sesame Miso RIbs 01

I really love the Korean-style ‘Flanken-cut’ beef-ribs, especially for grilling. Usually, they are cut quite thinly (at least by my butcher) but lately, I have been buying some that are a good inch or so thick. For today’s post, I marinated some using a little Miso. This is a popular Japanese grilling technique that works especially well for fish but is also terrific with beef or pork. In this case, I have also included a good shot of sesame oil in the blend for a bit of a Korean touch as well…  Continue reading “Sesame Miso Beef Ribs”

Main Dishes…

I would like to able to index dishes by ingredient but this would mean a lot of double-entries and cross-referencing (which seems like head-ache inducing amount of work). Accordingly, I am simply listing dishes by national cuisine.

The ‘General’ category at the end is where I shall list fusion dishes, dishes that are purely creations of my own, and all the things that I can’t otherwise categorize…



Italian, French and Spanish




South-East Asia

U.K. and Ireland

United States and Canada

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Salted Radish Banchan

Salted Radish Banchan 1

If you have eaten at a Korean restaurant you will recognize ‘Banchans’ as being the small (usually free) side dishes that accompany the main meal. Cabbage Kimchi is a standard offering but there are many others and I tend to rate a restaurant on the number and variety of selections provided.

Today’s offering is not an actual Korean recipe (to the best of my knowledge) but the combination of Preserved Salted Radish along with Gochujang chilli paste makes it a pretty good fit to the basic theme… Continue reading “Salted Radish Banchan”

Small Plates & Appetizers…

Small plate dishes may be served as appetizers, or preludes to other more substantial courses, or they can be served independently of any particular meal as a snack. Best of all, perhaps, one can ‘graze’ on a series of different delicacies and thus make a whole meal of many diverse tastes. Many cultures of a tradition of small plate service, all the way from the Italian Antipasti to the Russian Zakuski and that is how I have organized my selections here…

Chinese Dim Sum (點心) and other Small Plates (小吃)

Indian Appetizers and Snacks

Italian Antipasti and Spanish Tapas

More Mediterranean

Japanese Small Plates

Korean Banchan and other Small Plates

South-East Asian Snacks and Small Plates

Western Classics, Fusions and New Discoveries

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Barbecued Beef Rack

Barbecued Beef Rack 1

I was planning to do a Korean meal using some flanken-cut ribs I have in the freezer but then I saw an entire rack of beef ribs in our local grocery store. I have often seen individual ribs for sale, but this is the first time I recall seeing them in a rack locally and I thought they would work very nicely for what I had in mind. The marinade I settled on is typically Korean, featuring lots of garlic, ginger and soy but, rather than the Asian pear that is sometimes used as a tenderizer, I am using some canned pineapple instead… Continue reading “Barbecued Beef Rack”

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Tteok Galbi

Tteok Galbi 01

Fans of Korean food are no doubt familiar with the popular restaurant offering of grilled beef ribs known as Galbi, but there is also a similar dish known as Tteokgalbi (also Ddeok galbi, Ddukkalbi, Dduk kalbi, and Duk kaibi) made using ground beef formed into patties and either grilled or pan-fried. Frequently, the ground beef (the meat traditionally taken from the ribs) is blended with pork to provide a little extra fat, and the seasonings and other additions can be very simple (just a little garlic, soy, onion and sugar, for example), but may also include carrot, mushroom, ginger, sesame and pear.

Tteok Galbi is often served with rice and a variety of Korean side-dishes known as banchan , but some also serve it wrapped in a flatbread or lettuce leaves with other additions. For my interpretation today, I am going to wrap my patties in some Japanese Red Mustard leaves grown by wife… Continue reading “Tteok Galbi”

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Foodstuff: Asian Pear

Asian Pear 1

Asian pears have been appearing fairly regularly in our local Co-op lately. I am not a huge fan of pears generally, although I enjoy pear juice, and I rarely buy or eat the western varieties. I have eaten an Asian pear once before making this current purchase, but it was many years ago and I really can’t now recall my initial impressions (which suggests they weren’t particularly strong, one way or the other). Anyway, after having passed them by several times without being tempted, I decided to pick one up to re-acquaint myself with the fruit… Continue reading “Foodstuff: Asian Pear”

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Chicken Wings Steamed with Sichuan Pickle

Steamed Chicken with Pickle 1

A decade ago, I wouldn’t have thanked you for steamed or poached chicken in any fashion as I really disliked the texture of the finished product, especially the skin. Nowadays, after persisting with trying various Chinese recipes I have come to love it and I find that the wings are especially delectable treated in this manner.

For this experiment, I took as my inspiration a Cantonese recipe I came across in a book my wife bought me for my birthday. It steams a whole cut up chicken with a variety of ingredients, including mushrooms, white fungus, and Chinese Sausage, and it also includes pickled radish from Sichuan and some pickled Cabbage from Tientsin. I am just going to use some chicken ‘drumettes’ for this dish (the portion of the wing that looks like a little drumstick) and steam them with dried black mushrooms, a little scallion, and some of the very interesting Sichuan pickled vegetable I featured in my recent Korean-Style Beef Ribs post… Continue reading “Chicken Wings Steamed with Sichuan Pickle”