Me in Grise Fiord

About Sybaritica…

Sybaritica was founded by me, C. John Thompson, Esq., way back in January of 2012. (when I had a lot more hair).

The blog was originally devoted to all matters culinary (recipes, especially), but it also featured many stories about my life and travels in Canada’s high Arctic as a circuit court lawyer.

The picture to the right, by the way, features yours truly in Grise Fiord, the most northerly community on the continent. It was taken, I think, back in 2008, or thereabouts.

In 2019, I retired from the practice of law and left the Nunavut Territory for Nova Scotia. This was a good time for me to begin a long-planned ‘facelift’ for Sybaritica but then, in February of 2020, disaster struck…

Due to certain technical issues, and (frankly moronic) errors, the website effectively crashed. Exactly how that happened is a very long story and I don’t come off all that well in it, so… let’s not dwell on it, eh?.

Anyway, the crash turned out to be a blessing in disguise in some ways. Out of necessity, I have slowly been re-building Sybaritica from the ashes (so to speak), and in doing so I have discarded a lot of stuff that was a bit out-dated or, frankly, not very good. I have also been re-writing and, I think, improving some of the stuff I thought worth saving and, as time permits, creating new material.

So … Welcome to the NEW Sybaritica.