Agedashi Tofu in East Vancouver

Agedashi Tofu in East Vancouver

Agedashi Tofu in East Vancouver

I am afraid that the name of the restaurant where I sampled the Agedashi Tofu appetizer is lost from my notes now. I went in to the establishment with a view to writing a review of the place, but it turned out to be their opening day.

The service was a bit confused and haphazard, and some of the dishes a bit poorly prepared and presented, but this seemed to be only expected for a fledgling enterprise, and so I decided it would be unfair to be critical of them at a disadvantage. Their Agedashi Tofu appetizer, however, turned out to be pretty decent, and worth a mention.

I have previously posted my own Recipe for Agedashi Tofu, which gives a pretty broad explanation for the basic form of this dish. You can usually expect the same sort of thing whenever you order this specialty in a Japanese restaurant, but the sauce for the deep-fried tofu cubes might not always be some variation on the classic Kakejiru Broth usually used, and which was used in this case.

What distinguished this dish, in particular, was that, instead of three or four fairly large pieces of Tofu, this restaurant served a much large number of smaller cubes. This actually produced a result that was, for my taste, much nicer, and I think that I would adopt this for my own renditions in future, as liked the ratio of crisp surface to softer inside much better.

I am not sure how they dusted their Tofu cubes exactly, but they seemed to have a different texture produced by the simple flour dusting I usually use. It was a bit more granular, and remained crispy even where submerged in the Kakejiru, and I liked it very much.

The only issue I has, was that the common topping of Katsuobushi flakes, and which were specified in the menu were not included. Still, I didn’t really miss them all that much, especially given the opening day confusion, and beyond that omission, I thought this a pretty decent dish.

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