Basil Pimento Crostini
Basil Pimento Crostini

This little appetizer of Basil Pimento Crostini hardly needs an actual recipe. Its creation was inspired by a need to use up some fresh Basil leftover from another use, and as a way to showcase some of my home-made Roasted Red Peppers.

For this recipe, I used some fresh Basil for to make a simple Pesto by mixing the finely chopped leaves with some home-made Garlic Oil and freshly ground Black Pepper. If you would like to reproduce this appetizer without going to all that trouble, you could easily substitute a commercial Pesto instead. Most will contain additional ingredients such as Parmesan cheese, and Pine-nuts, but that won’t hurt the final result at all.

For the actual assembly, I just char-grilled some Baguette slices (cut on a slant), then topped each slice with the Pesto. I grated some ‘stretchy’ Mozarella and Asiago Cheese then added some to all the slices, followed by two strips each of my Roasted Red Peppers, and the remainder of the cheese. I garnished each Crostini with a circle of Black Olive (each with a tiny piece of red pepper in the center), and popped them all under the grill for a few minutes to melt, and slightly toast the cheese. A sprinkling of fresh dill added a nice little touch of color for presentation.

That’s all there is to it!

Next time, I may try a sharper cheese but the result here was very nice and I am sure you can all things of lots of great ideas to ‘riff’ on the basic idea…

Comments, questions or suggestions most welcome!