Beef Satay Skewers in Yellowknife

Beef Satay Skewers at the Taste of Saigon Restaurant in Yellowknife

Beef Satay Skewers at the Taste of Saigon Restaurant in Yellowknife

I was travelling through Yellowknife for years before I cam across the Taste of Saigon Restaurant. It is a pity I didn’t discover it earlier as it is a very pleasant restaurant with some excellent food. The Beef Satay Skewers you see pictured above weren’t the best dish I ate there, but they were excellent nevertheless.

Satay refers to a dish of Indonesian origin consisting of skewered meat grilled with various seasonings, and served with a sauce typically prepared with peanuts and soy sauce. It is popular all-over South-East Asia, with different cuisines having their own variations, and it is an extremely popular street food as well as a common restaurant offering. The Taste of Saigon is, as the name suggests, is a Vietnamese Restaurant, and their take on the basic theme was very interesting and tasty.

One thing that was slightly different than other Satay dishes I have eaten, was there wasn’t a sauce included (although Soy Sauce and Chili Sauce were provided as table condiments). Usually there is a little dish of sauce on the side of Satay skewers, or poured on top, and generally it is a fairly thick Peanut based sauce rather like the one on these Hunan Dumplings.

What this restaurant did, however, was to add a topping of crushed, seasoned Peanuts mixed with dried Onion flakes over the skewers. Obviously, this is not quite a ‘sauce’, as such, but the skewers were sticky with the grilling glaze and by rolling the skewers in the topping, it made a delicious coating. I have previously posted a recipe for a Pan-fried Beef Satay, which also does not use a separate sauce, and this same crushed Peanut idea would work very well with that.

In any event, the Beef here was quite sweet and very delicately flavored with a little Lemongrass. There were a couple of dryish spots here and there but, other than that, the grilling was very well done. The meat was nicely tender and charred for extra flavor here and there.

I didn’t miss the lack of a Peanut Sauce  with this dish, and I didn’t bother with either of the Table Condiments, as they really weren’t needed. I would be happy to produce this in my own kitchen.

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