Bone Marrow Appetizer at Juniper

Bone Marrow Appetizer at the Juniper in Vancouver

Bone Marrow Appetizer at the Juniper in Vancouver

The Juniper Kitchen and Bar closed it’s doors just before the advent of Covid-19, but it was a very pleasant little bistro on the edge of Vancouver’s Chinatown. I first stopped by for a beer on a hot afternoon and I ended up returning a couple of times during a visit to the City and I found everything to be very well done. The Bone Marrow appetizer you see above didn’t quite suit my taste, but it was skillfully executed nevertheless.

This particular dish from the small plate section of Juniper’s menu. I should note that, I have tried Bone Marrow several times at other restaurants and, really, my enjoyment of it has never risen much above the level of ambivalence, and sometimes I have actively disliked it. Still, I have persisted in trying it just to see how it is prepared in different places, and in hopes that it may grow on me more than it has thus far.

In most places, Bone Marrow, which is the fatty pulp inside large bones, is served in bones that have been cut in cross-section. Here, though, the dish consisted of a long section of Beef bone cut lengthwise to expose the marrow inside.

For service, the bone was roasted and then sprinkled with raw diced apple and fresh flat-leaf parsley. There were also two slices of grilled sourdough bread on the side. It was a simple, but pretty presentation, I thought.

As for the Marrow, it didn’t have quite as strong a beef impact as I was expecting and reminded me a little of the soft fat at the edge of a steak. It wasn’t bad, just not that interesting, nor. To be honest, all that appealing. The parsley complimented it nicely but the acidity of the apple, for my taste, was a bit jarring. The sourdough bread, on the other hand, was excellent and, overall, I thought the Bone Marrow Appetizer at Juniper deserved a Rating of 4 out of 5.

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