Carpaccio at The Brooklyn Warehouse

Carpaccio at The Brooklyn Warehouse in Halifax

Carpaccio at The Brooklyn Warehouse in Halifax

I very much enjoy Carpaccio and have enjoyed the Italian specialty at many restaurants. At The Brooklyn Warehouse, in Halifax’s North-end, their version is a departure from the classic form and replaces the usual Olive Oil based dressing with a South American Chimichurri Sauce. The result was every bit as tangy and delicious as the standard versions.

The rather singularly named Brooklyn Warehouse is a Bistro style establishment with a fairly comprehensive wine and beer cellar and a small but interesting, and frequently changing menu. Many of their dishes are fusion style affairs, and almost all I have had the pleasure of trying there have been very good.

Anyway, the dish you see above appeared on the menu as ‘Getaway Carpaccio with Chimichurri’. I have no idea what the ‘Getaway’ part of the name was supposed to signify, and the menu was silent on the point, but the dish was clearly a fusion of the Italian classic with the use of a South American sauce.

 I have previously published an introduction to, and my own recipe for a Chimichurri Sauce, and I have to say that the one used with the Carpaccio at The Brooklyn Warehouse was every bit as good as mine. It worked every bit as nicely as the usual Italian style Olive Oil dressing.

Here, the raw Beef slices were cut a bit thicker than is usual (which I liked), and Capers were added as garnish, which is also common on traditional Italian renditions. What was non-standard here were slices of pickled Shallot, which didn’t add much in my estimation, and crushed Pistachios, which were a tasty and interesting textural counterpoint.

A lightly oiled Mesclun Salad was also included on top, along with ‘Gaufrette potato’, which are the waffle shaped fried potato supplied as a top ingredient. The Mesclun was unremarkable, but the potatoes were a nice addition, and both worked nicely for taste and texture. Normally, shavings of Parmesan are included, but I didn’t miss that here and I thought that the dish was both visually appealing and very well executed.

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