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Review: The Southern Po’boy Cookbook

The Southern Po'boy

By: Todd-Michael St. Pierre

2013 – Ulysses Press

First of all, in the interests of full disclosure, I should advise that this book was sent to me free of charge by the publisher for (non-compensatory)  review purposes. In the past, I have always rejected such offers, mainly because I don’t want to be in a position of reviewing something that doesn’t interest me, or that I feel I may have to say negative things about. In this case, however, there were two titles that interested me as being books I would probably have bought in any event and this one, fortunately, turned out to be pretty darned decent…  Continue reading “Review: The Southern Po’boy Cookbook”

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Review: Mexican Cooking Made Easy

by Diane Soliz-Martese

1992   Wei-Chuan Publishing   ISBN-13: 978-0941676298

I have to say that I bought this book on something of a whim. I don’t eat Mexican food very often and my library only contains 5 other volumes devoted to the cuisine. However, I really like the Wei-Chuan series of cookery books and I was curious to see how a Chinese Publisher might handle the subject. As it happens, though, I was ultimately disappointed with this publication on a couple of counts… Continue reading “Review: Mexican Cooking Made Easy”

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Review: The Food & Cooking of Cambodia

by Ghillie Basan

2008  Aness Publishing   ISBN-13: 978-1844763511

Almost all of my experience with Cambodian cuisine comes from trying the odd recipe from books broadly focusing on Asian, or somewhat more particularly, Southeast Asian cookery. There is no shortage of books on Vietnamese or Thai food, of course, but Cambodia has thus far received short shrift and it is not easy to get a sense of the cuisine of that nation from those generalized cookery books in which Cambodian dishes are not widely featured. As such, it was indeed a pleasant surprise when I came across this very nice little volume… Continue reading “Review: The Food & Cooking of Cambodia”

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Review: Italian Immigrant Cooking

by Elodia Rigante

1996, First View Books, ISBN-13: 978-1885440020

I have had this book for quite a few years now and I like to leaf through it from time to time even though many of the recipes it contains are often far removed from traditional Italian dishes. The book is chiefly about American-Italian food, specifically native to Brooklyn, and, even more specifically, the family favorites that have graced the table of the Rigante family. As such, it is not destined to become a classic amongst Italian cookery books but it is nevertheless… and I can’t express it much better than to say… a very *nice* book… Continue reading “Review: Italian Immigrant Cooking”

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Review: The Indian Spice Kitchen

by Monisha Bharadwaj

2000, Hippocrene Books, ISBN-13: 978-0781808019

Although this book contains over 200 recipes (as noted on the cover) it is less a cookery book than it is an introduction to the spices and other essential ingredients in Indian cookery. It is very nicely illustrated, provides a lot of interesting information, and is one of the gems of my collection… Continue reading “Review: The Indian Spice Kitchen”

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Review: Food Art – Garnishing Made Easy

By John Gargone

2004, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.  ISBN-13: 978-0764319600

I own quite a number of books dealing with the related topics of plating, garnishing and carving foods. This little volume touches on all three aspects of food presentation but, while it is fairly interesting to look through, it is definitely not one of the best in my collection…  Continue reading “Review: Food Art – Garnishing Made Easy”

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Review: Tsukemono – Japanese Pickling Recipes

By Ikuko Hisamatsu

2005, Japan Publications Trading, ISBN-13: 978-4889961812

This publication belongs to the very nice ‘Quick and Easy’ series and is a special favorite of my wife, who enjoys trying many different kinds of pickling methods. The name of the book is just a little bit inaccurate but, in this case, the inaccuracy works to the benefit of the reader rather than otherwise because, in addition to providing a very comprehensive of Japanese pickling methods, some varieties from other parts of the world are featured as well… Continue reading “Review: Tsukemono – Japanese Pickling Recipes”

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Review: Chinese Cooking Cantonese

By Margaret Leeming

1990 Ward Lock Ltd.  ISBN-13: 978-0706368611

This book is apparently part of the ‘International Gourmet’ series but, as yet, this is the first one of the set I have come across. I am always on the look-out for books focusing on specific regional cuisines rather than those dealing with general Chinese cookery but, these days, Cantonese cookbooks are more heavily represented than those of any other culinary school and it is hard to find ones that are special.  Unfortunately, there is not much about this particular publication to lift it above the growing crowd… Continue reading “Review: Chinese Cooking Cantonese”