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Asian Dumplings

by Andrea Nguyen

I have many cookery books in my collection that contain dumpling recipes, but this is the first one I ever purchased that is dedicated to the topic exclusively. It is a very nice resource, particularly for the beginner, as it compiles a wide variety of dumpling recipes from many countries into one convenient collection.

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Will you be a 2020 ‘First-footer’?

Do you know this tradition? If your roots are in Scotland or Northern England, and you are of a certain age, you may know of the practice, or have even been a first-footer yourself. Traditions come and go, of course, and, though I remember our house being ‘first-footed’ a couple of times when I was a kid, it isn’t something you hear about much anymore… at least here on this side of the Pond…

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Check out this terrific pasta machine

A great gift for the chef in your family!

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