Maesri Yellow Curry Paste

Maesri Yellow Curry Paste Review

Recently, I posted a review of the Maesri Brand Panang Curry Paste, which I found to be an excellent product. I actually bought three different Maesri Curry Pastes with the intention of testing them separately, and, in this post, I have tried out the Maesri Yellow Curry Paste. In short, this proved to be every bit as good quality as the Panange version and, personally, I actually liked it a little better.

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Maesri Panang Curry Paste

Maesri Panang Curry Paste Review

Maesri™ is a company in Thailand that produces a decent range of food products, including a series of traditional Thai curry pastes. I actually tried one of their Curry Pastes quite a few years ago and, though I do not remember a great deal about it, I do recall that it was very good. The Panang Curry Paste, pictured above, is not quite as hot as I remember the other paste being, but I am happy to report that the overall quality is every bit as high.

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LKK Chili Black Bean Sauce

LKK Chili Black Bean Sauce Review

When it comes to using Chinese Salted Black Beans, I generally prefer to use the actual beans when making a sauce as most of the commercial Black Bean Sauces are not very good, in my opinion.  Fermented black beans have a rather distinct ‘chocolaty’ under taste that is usually quite mild but this usually seems to be much more pronounced in commercial preparations. Commercial sauces also tend to have a rather nasty black color to them that can make a finished dish unattractive. Lee Kum Kee’s own version of regular Black Bean sauce (which may no longer be available) was no better than any of the others in these regards but this particular version with Chili added is excellent. The addition of chili does perhaps limit its use to spicier dishes, but it is still a very useful and versatile sauce nonetheless.

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