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Source: Market Organics

126 York St, Ottawa – (613) 241-6629 – Website

Market Organics 1

On my last trip to Ottawa, my wife asked me to seek out what she described as a ‘Health Food’ store in order to pick her up some seeds and grain for sprouting at home. She couldn’t remember the name of the place she had in mind, just that it was ‘some place near, but not quite in, Byward Market’. After searching for a bit I couldn’t see anything likely but then the very helpful young people at the information booth in the Market’s main building not only steered me directly to ‘Market Organics’, but also consulted their computers and told me what times it was open.

Armed with directions, I located the place very easily and came across a building I had actually seen before but had never thought to enter. I was really only expecting to grab the stuff my wife wanted but after going inside I came across one of those sorts of ‘Foodie’ treasure troves that can keep me diverted for ages… Continue reading “Source: Market Organics”

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Source: Manphong Supermarket – Ottawa

Manphong 1

775 Somerset St W, Ottawa – 613-230-9934

Whenever I get to make an excursion to Ottawa’s Chinatown, I always make a point of visiting the Kowloon Market and Wa Kiu Foods to purchase food supplies for home. Depending on how much I have purchased at these two aforementioned places, I also usually stop in to Manphong as well. Very probably, this post will not be particularly interesting to my non-Ottawa based readers, but for those of you who live in the capital, or will be visiting sometime, this place is really worth a look… Continue reading “Source: Manphong Supermarket – Ottawa”

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Source: Wa Kiu – Ottawa

713 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, (613) 235-3134

This used to be my favorite stop for Asian foods whenever I got to visit Ottawa but the Kowloon Market  just across the street has taken its place recently. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like Wa Kiu anymore, by any means, but I do have to note that the place has deteriorated a bit over the last little while…  Continue reading “Source: Wa Kiu – Ottawa”

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Source: Kowloon Market – Ottawa

712 Somerset St W, Ottawa, 613-233-1108

The Kowloon Market in Ottawa’s Chinatown has become my favorite store for finding interesting new things and for stocking up on many of the Asian foods that are impossible to come by up here in the North.  For quite a few years, I used to pass by the market on visits to Chinatown without realizing it was there. It was in a fairly poor state of repair with paper covering many windows for the longest time and it wasn’t until they did a bit of a cleanup that I noticed it last spring. Now, I make it a regular stop on every trip to the capital…  Continue reading “Source: Kowloon Market – Ottawa”