Ceviche at Brasserie Metropolitain

The Ceviche at the Brasserie Metropolitain in Ottawa

Ceviche is a dish with Latin American origins and consists of fish, and sometimes shellfish, that is ‘cooked’ by immersion in an acid such as lime juice or vinegar along, usually, with other seasonings. The Ceviche at Brasserie Metropolitain in Ottawa was generally representative of the basic theme, but not especially impressive.

BTW: Please excuse he image quality here. I ate this dish on an outdoor patio beneath a brightly colored Umbrella which has affected the appearance of the dish.

This particular preparation surprised me a little as the fish (in this case, shrimp, tuna, salmon and scallop) were not served in a bath of the marinating liquid (as I generally expect) but was rather an arrangement of ‘dry’ chunks that had been removed from the marinade and served over ice. I can’t say for sure, but it does rather seem as though this style is becoming more popular of late.

The marinade here was based on lime (I would prefer vinegar, myself) and it also contained Cilantro. I am not crazy about this herb myself, but I found it was used sparingly enough in this instance that it did not spoil my enjoyment. One criticism I had, though, was that the ingredients were very unevenly cut and thus the marinade had different effects.

The salmon was cut very thickly and was still a little raw in the center (although I didn’t mind this) but the tuna was in very small pieces and was ultimately a little bitter through ‘over-cooking’ in the acids. The shrimp and scallops both had a cooked texture and, while the scallops had a lovely sweet taste, the shrimp flavor was rather unremarkable. Anyway, I quite enjoyed this dish, but I would say that I still prefer other versions I have tried, not to mention the much more subtle Japanese preparations of pickled fish…

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