Cucumber Salad at Sushi North

Cucumber Salad at Sushi North

The Cucumber Salad at Sushi North in Yellowknife wasn’t typically Japanese, but it was very well done and got a Rating of 4 out of 5.

This item appeared on the menu at Sushi North as ‘Spicy Cumber’ and was more or less an Asian style Cucumber Salad but with a character of its own.

The Cucumber slices in this case were cut very thickly, peeled completely, and only lightly squeezed after salting. The dressing was sesame and chili but there was also a faint marine flavor, and I rather thing that a little Dashi was used.

The presentation wasn’t especially pretty, but the smoky taste of Dashi and the slightly spicy character of the dressing made for a lovely result and I enjoyed it very much.

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