Deep-fried Oysters at Salty’s

The Deep-fried Oysters at Salty's in Halifax

The Deep-fried Oysters at Salty’s in Halifax

This little appetizer at Salty’s Seafood Restaurant in Halifax was billed as ‘New Orleans Style Fried Oysters’ and were a special on my visit for lunch. Salty’s is a waterfront pub serving a seafood menu and the food is decent if not especially high-end. Their deep-fried Oyster special was plated in a clever, if rather plain way, and the oysters themselves were well-cooked.

For a special, this appetizer didn’t have a particularly special price, with the four little oysters provided being priced out at $13.95. Still, the oysters are freshly shucked in-house (even if the ones less suited for raw half-shell service are typically used), but this still puts them miles ahead for the commercially frozen, pre-battered sort.

The plating was quite attractive, albeit a little sparse. I like the idea of serving each deep-fried Oyster in its own shell, but probably a little garnishing around it might have elevated it from plain to pretty. Perhaps a little shredded lettuce, or even some bright green Wakame seaweed shreds might have worked nicely.

I could not tell what seasonings went into the batter. It tasted a little like the sort I have had in Cajun restaurants for a variety of dishes, and something like the blend I used in my Spicy Fried Alligator Bites. It came on a little strong at first bite, but once the Oyster taste asserted itself, it was quite nice.

The Oysters themselves were very nice and fresh and were well cooked. It can be tricky deep-frying oysters as they quickly go from being a bit water and underdone, to horribly dried out. Here, though, they were cooked with a light-hand and came out delightfully crispy in the batter, and tender and succulent inside. I tried one with the Lemon Mayo that came on the side but, really, this didn’t add much and just a little squeeze of fresh lemon was all that the Deep-fried Oysters at Salty’s required.

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