Double-Smoky Mussel Appetizer

My Double-Smoky Mussel Appetizer

Can you improve my Double-Smoky Mussel Appetizer? Click the picture to get instructions for where to send pictures of your own versions.

I came up with this Double-Smoky Mussel Appetizer while trying to find creative use for my homemade Bacon Jam. I mostly liked the result, but it could be better. If you can improve on my efforts, then read on to see exactly what I did, and get instructions for where to send pictures of your own versions.

What I did…

The appetizer is ‘Double-Smoky’ because it used canned Smoked Mussels, and because the Bacon Jam also has strong smoky notes from the Apple-Smoked Bacon I used. I went with rounds of Cantaloupe Melon for the appetizer base instead of crackers here, and I did this for two reasons… First, the fruity sweetness of the melon acts as a moderating counter-point to the very smoky effect of the other two main ingredients, and, secondly, because I wanted to make an appetizer that was low-carb as well as delicious.

Briefly, what I did here was to cut out rounds from thin slices of the melon and spread each of them with some of my Bacon Jam. Next, I put some fresh Basil in chiffonade over the jam and then added a smoked mussel. For a little additional flavor and garnish, I added a drop or two of lemon juice followed by just a ‘dot’ of chili paste.

Well, the result was pretty good, but I think you can see one flaw already, and that is the rather inelegant way I cut the rounds… That can definitely be improved. Also, I wasn’t 100% sure I really liked the Basil in this flavor combination and I suspect that something else would work better.

A Call for Creative Input…

I would LOVE to see what others might come up with as improvements and would welcome pictures of anything you create. If I get enough responses, I think it would be great to do a follow-up post showing all the results.

If you are interested, please send a picture of whatever you create, along with a brief written description, to me here at:

If you wish to be personally credited for your entry in any follow-up post, please give your name and a few details about yourself. Also, if you write your own blog, please give the name and URL.

A Couple of Rules…

  1. The appetizer you create must use canned Smoked Mussels;
  2. The appetizer must of the ‘one-bite’ finger-food variety;
  3. The base cannot be bread, or crackers etc.;

Finally … PLEASE do not send links to a web-page with your appetizer creations. Pictures and written descriptions as requested only.

Comments, questions or suggestions most welcome!