Duck Skewers at Play, Food & Wine

Duck Skewers at Play, Food & Wine in Ottawa

Duck Skewers at Play, Food & Wine in Ottawa

I was served the Duck Skewers you see above at Play, Food, & WIne, my favorite Wine Bar and Bistro in Ottawa’s Byward Market district. I have had some truly excellent dishes at this establishment, notably their Grilled Tempeh, but this particular appetizer selection didn’t really suit me at all.

The menu indicated that Brome Lake Ducks were used here. Brome Lake Ducks are Pekin Ducks naturally raised in Quebec without force-feeding, and you come across them quite often on menus in the Capital City. I have had barbecued Brome Lake Duck legs there, as well as a very nice Duck Confit preparation, and I also purchased and tried a jar of Brome Lake Duck Pate, which wasn’t too bad.

Here, the skewers of grilled Duck meat were served atop a slaw of Carrot and Cucumber. The slaw also contained some Red Onion, and it was dressed with a light Soy dressing, which was slightly sweet, and garnished with Sesame Seeds. It was pleasant enough to the taste, but otherwise not especially exciting.

As for the duck itself, I had very much been looking forward to trying this after reviewing the menu online, but I wasn’t terribly pleased with it. The meat was grilled very nicely, being tender, sweet, and not overly seasoned, but it had a slightly bloody, liver-like taste that I sometimes encounter in duck. This is something that I suspect has more to do with the diet of the bird rather than anything in the cooking process.

Naturally, I can’t fault the Play, Food & Wine kitchen for my lack of enjoyment here. This dish was very nicely plated, and the grilling nicely executed, so it would be unfair to be too critical. Despite the fact that I really didn’t care for the end-result in this case, I felt that these Duck Skewers derived a Rating of 4 out of 5.

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