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The (Unsorted) Archive for 2012-2013

Some of the recipes I posted in 2012 and 2013 have been moved to the various categories under the ‘Recipes and Techniques’ main menu. The remainder, which are alphabetized but otherwise uncategorized are listed here.

Please be advised that none of the dishes listed here represent thoroughly tested recipes, Rather, they are simply records of what I did in my kitchen on any given occasion. I think my wife would attest that I can generally throw together some pretty tasty things in my kitchen but I *do*, occasionally,  have my failures.  With that in mind, you should probably always read the ‘Verdict’ at the bottom of each recipe before trying it yourself. Should you read anything like ‘foul aromas’, ‘hallucinations’, or ‘projectile vomiting for days after eating’, you may want to pass on to something else…

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