Fish Pakora at Haweli

Fish Pakora at the Haweli Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

Fish Pakora at the Haweli Restaurant in Edmonton

The Haweli Indian Restaurant in downtown Edmonton is a fairly upscale Indian establishment with a decent menu. The Fish Pakora you see pictured above wasn’t the best of the dishes I sampled there, and was not very well plated I didn’t think, but it came with same delicious Onion Pickle that was served with their excellent Aloo Tikki Appetizer, and was still pretty good.


Complimentary Pappadum at the Haweli Indian Restaurant in Edmonton

As at some Indian Restaurants, complimentary Pappadum were provided, and the Haweli offering was a bit more ambitious than most, being served with three separate accompaniments. In this case, there was a sweetish brown sauce that was mildly spicy and pleasant, but not describable otherwise, as well as a Cilantro relish I didn’t like much.

The third accompaniment was a chutney that I think was based on mango that I did enjoy a great deal and I finished it, while leaving the others. I enjoyed this generally, but I was a bit disappointed that the Pappadum were not all that crisp and clearly been made ahead, rather than fried to order.

The Fish Pakora at Haweli were prepared, according to the menu, with Basa fillet that were seasoned with an unspecified blend of spices and finished with a Tandoori Masala after being battered and deep-fried.

The fish itself was decent, if unremarkable, and I wasn’t really able to identify any particular spice flavor in the flesh other than, perhaps, a little Coriander seed. The batter wasn’t actually much spicier than a western batter with pepper and paprika added, and the spice blend dusted on afterwards was not really a Tandoori mix as I usually encounter it. It had a slightly reddish tint, common in Tandoori dishes, but the spice blend was more like a Chaat Masala that was quite heavy with Black Salt. I liked this, but, overall, I only felt it deserved a Rating of 3 out of 5.

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