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Korean Red Pepper Powder

Korean Red Pepper Powder 1

Korean Red Pepper Powder is a very versatile food product but its primary uses are in the making of Kimchi and also in the preparation of the Korean fermented red pepper paste known as Gochujang. Most of the ground chili available to me locally is quite coarse, with the exception of Cayenne Pepper, which is pretty fiery. The typical Korean Red Pepper Powder can be quite mild, is very finely milled, and also has a very pretty bright red color that makes for a very attractive pickle…

Korean Red Pepper Powder 2

Here, on the left, you can see the ground chilli most commonly available to me, along with the Korean powder beside it. The powder is so fine that it can easily be made into a paste and this is often mixed with rice flour to provide the fermenting ‘food’ for lactic acid bacteria when making a Kimchi. I have frequently used the coarser type of ground chilli for making Kimchi myself, but the proper Korean stuff is much, much better.


Korean Red Pepper Powder 3

Here is the paste. All you do is add water to make as thin, or as thick, a finished product as desired. You could even, if mixing it thinly enough, and possibly adding other flavourings, make a nice hot sauce for bottling.


Korean Red Pepper Powder 4

One can also make a very quick faux-Kimchi using western style Sauerkraut, either fresh or home-made. Just some of the sauerkraut with a little mixed red-pepper paste is sufficient, but you can also add some finely slivered green onion and a pinch of sugar if you like. Just mix everything and let it sit for an hour or two before serving to let the flavors blend…

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