Grilled Wild Boar at Sabor in Edmonton

Grilled Wild Boar at the Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton

Grilled Wild Boar at Sabor in Edmonton

I have previously mentioned the Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton in my review of their very nice Seafood Paella. Sabor serves both Spanish and Portuguese cuisine and the well-appointed establishment was only a block or so away from the hotel I was staying at on this particular visit to the City. I visited three times during that week and had some really good dishes, including the Tapas serving of Grilled Wild Boar shown above.

This dish appeared on the menu as Costillas Asadas, and were described as being Wild Boar Ribs that were marinated before being grilled. I was genuinely curious as to whether these were, in fact, actually the Ribs from a Wild Boar as they are not hunted in Canada, as far as I am aware. I do remember, though, my father telling me that you could produce the taste of Wild Boar by giving Pork a lengthy marination in Red Wine. Since I am fairly sure that Red Wine was in the marinade in this case, I have to wonder whether I was actually served farm-raised Pig.

The Ribs were grilled to the point of being well-charred. Many people don’t care for this, but I love it myself as I love the extra flavor it adds. Here, though, the meat was a bit grey, and the charred areas had a faint blue, or even purplish tint to them. I rather think that this was an artifact from using Red Wine in the marinade and, while it didn’t negatively affect the flavor, the appearance wasn’t as nice as it otherwise might have been.

The grilling job was pretty good, but, for my taste, at least. The meat was a little overdone. Many people, of course, love ribs when the meat is falling off the bone, but I much prefer it when the meat is a little chewier and the bones can be gnawed. This is a personal preference, and I can’t fault the restaurant for the result, and, in truth the flavor, and the juiciness of the meat were excellent. I felt the Grilled Wild Boar at Sabor deserved a Rating of 4 out of 5.

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