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Happy Hour at Brooklyn Warehouse

2795 Windsor St, Halifax, NS B3K 5E3 – Website

The rather singularly named Brooklyn Warehouse is a bistro style establishment with a fairly comprehensive wine and beer cellar and a small but interesting menu. They advertise themselves as having the lowest markup on wine than any restaurant in the city, but, from what I could tell, this would seem to apply only to bottle prices rather than to wines by the glass They do, however, have ‘Happy Hour’ on Monday through Saturday between 4:30pm and 6:30 pm, during which certain wines, beers, and oysters go for a pretty decent price…

The inside is divided into two sections… an outer part, which is sort of like an enclosed deck with tables along the windows, and an ‘interior’ area with a view of the kitchen and bar. Both are comfy and casual.

As noted, the menu is not a large one, but changes are made to it quite frequently. Many of the main courses they had on offer during our visit looked very interesting indeed, but the appetizers did too and my sister and I were able to make a meal entirely from this list…

The Dishes

Happy Hour Oysters – Oysters during Happy Hour are $20 for a dozen and my sister and I split a platter. The waitress identified them as being ‘Fisherman’s Choice’ from Canso, NS, but when I later looked on-line to try and learn about them, I was unable to find a single reference. In any event, they were pretty decent, if not spectacular. They were nice and meaty but had no highlights, nor much in the way of brine. Possibly, they would be better in the spring season.

Getaway Carpaccio with Chimichurri – I enjoyed this one very much. The beef was sliced a bit thicker than one usually gets and the tangy Chimichurri sauce made a lovely change to the usual Olive Oil with Capers. The pickled shallots didn’t add a great deal, I didn’t think, but the nuts added a very nice texture and flavor.

By the way, the waffle shaped crispy chips on top of the Mesclun greens are the ‘Gaufrette potato’ mentioned in the menu description.

Kung-Pao Brussel Sprouts – My sister ordered these but I got to try them and I think they were the star of the show. I ordinarily can take or leave Brussel Sprouts but these were delicious. They were roasted, and then tossed in a sweetish sauce somewhat reminiscent of Chinese Char Siu Sauce. The peanuts in the dish made for a nice addition but I am afraid that they were the only thing that made this resemble a ‘Kung Pao’ dish. Kung Pao is traditionally very fiery but, here, the chili presence was very mild with almost no heat. Still, that is not a criticism, and I think this appetizer was excellent.

Roasted Squash Salad – This one does not appear on the menu you see above as it was a new addition and was described as including mixed greens, feta cheese, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, and a citrus-tahini vinaigrette. In any event, my sister ordered it and I tasted some even though I have never cared for squash at all. I can’t say that this preparation has changed my mind about the vegetable in any significant way, but I have to say that the restaurant did a great job with this. The vinaigrette gave everything a terrific sweet and sour nuttiness, with orange dominating the citrus component.  I still can’t get past the texture nor taste of squash, but this was otherwise very nicely done.

Beer and Chorizo Steamed Mussels – I often order mussels when they are available and these ones were of decent quality and every bit as delicious as I usually find mussels to be. I can’t say, however, that I cared for the Chorizo overmuch… I have a sneaking suspicion that the meat was not all that fresh, but that may have been a function of the seasoning used. In any event, I could have done without this addition marring an otherwise enjoyable dish. What I did like was the remaining beer-infused liquor, which was rich and very tasty, and an admirable sauce for mopping up with the grilled baguette. In truth, fresh bread would probably be more effective for this task, but the baguette was nice too.


The Brooklyn Warehouse is not cheap, but having our oysters and wine at Happy Hour prices helped offset this a bit. It is a very nice place, though and the service was excellent. It was a Saturday evening, when my sister and I attended and the place got pretty full. The two young women on duty that night handled everything very efficiently and our own server was very pleasant and chatty indeed. Our meal on the whole was very enjoyable and made another visit a likely prospect.

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