Honey Chili Shrimp
Honey Chili Shrimp

Honey Chili Shrimp is an excellent illustration of the principle that shrimp cooked in the shell is much more flavorful than the already peeled variety. Of course, eating shrimp that is still in the shell can be a bit fiddly, and even quite messy, but, at an outdoor barbecue, or a casual meal with friends, this often enhances the pleasure of the meal. Today’s little dish is super easy to prepare and could be served as a light snack, a Dim Sum type dish, or as a Tapas-style appetizer with drinks.

How to Make it…

This little dish is so easy to prepare that you really don’t need a formal recipe:

Basically, you just flash-fry de-veined shrimp in oil until nicely pink and then add in thin slivers of red chili pepper (or sweet bell pepper for a less fiery result). Once the peppers are softened, quickly stir in a splash of soy followed by enough homey to coat the shrimp.

Just before serving, a generous sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds.

Voila! Honey Chili Shrimp

Enhancing the basic theme…

The dish as prepared above is somewhat Asian in spirit, what with the use of soy sauce and sesame seeds, but you could certainly give it a more definite Asian character by including a little minced ginger or garlic (or both). These ingredients, if you use them, would best be sauteed in the hot oil just a few seconds before you add the shrimp.

For a specifically Sichuanese character, you could add, in addition to ginger and garlic, a little crushed Sichuan Peppercorn, and perhaps some additional chili heat in the form of Sichuanese ‘Facing-Heaven Pepper‘.

Have Fun …

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