Hot Pepper Coleslaw Recipe

Hot Pepper Coleslaw

Hot Pepper Coleslaw

This little side-dish salad is a re-interpretation of a classic, offering a jazzed-up twist on the standard creamy Coleslaw dressing with the addition of freshly grated Horseradish and Sriracha sauce. Slivers of Pickled Peppers are also added to the Cabbage and Onion base for extra tang and spiciness.

Ingredient Notes

This recipe calls for freshly grated Horseradish. Horseradish Root is not always easy to find, and you can substitute a commercial product if you like, but this will not have the sharp, pungency of the fresh article that makes this recipe sing. If you are unfamiliar with the root, you may wish to see my post on Using Fresh Horseradish Root.

The Pickled Peppers I used here were some of my own Spicy Pickled Bell Peppers, which are very easy to make. You could substitute commercially pickled Banana Peppers, or the like, but these tend to be quite soft and you ideally want something fairly nice and crisp. Fresh, rather then pickled, peppers might be a solution.

I have used Sriracha Sauce for additional Chili Heat, but you can easily substitute with, say, a Sambal Oelek, or any other Hot Sauce of your choice as long as it is not heavily flavored with other spices or seasonings.

The Basic Method

Macerating Cabbage and Onion with Garlic Salt
Macerating Cabbage and Onion with Garlic Salt

The first step is to toss Cabbage and Onion with Garlic Salt and let them sit for an hour until they are both wilted and soft. Once this done, you need to squeeze the result very vigorously to expel any water and drain of all the accumulated juices.

Making a Dressing of Mayonnaise, Horseradish and Hot Pepper Sauce
Making a Dressing of Mayonnaise, Horseradish and Hot Pepper Sauce

Stir together Mayonnaise, freshly grated Horseradish and Sriracha Sauce (or equivalent) to make the Hot Pepper Coleslaw dressing.

Finishing the Hot Pepper Coleslaw
Finishing the Hot Pepper Coleslaw

Finally, all the ingredients are stirred together. This should be chilled before serving and you can even keep it in the fridge overnight. This will allow the flavors to blend nicely, but you may lose just a little bit of the bite, if you are using fresh Horseradish rather than a jarred commercial product.

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Hot Pepper Coleslaw

This Hot Pepper Coleslaw jazzes up an original old-standby with the inclusion of Pickled Hot Peppers in a dressing of Horseradish and a Sriracha Mayonnaise.
Course: Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine: General
Keyword: Cabbage, Horseradish, Onion, Pickled Peppers, Sriracha
Author: John Thompson


  • 4 or 5 cups Shredded White Cabbage;
  • 1 cup finely slivered Onion;
  • 1 tsp. Garlic Salt;
  • 4 Tbsp. plain Mayonnaise;
  • 2 Tbsp. freshly grated Horseradish;
  • 1 Tbsp. Sriracha Sauce or equivalent;
  • ½ cup slivered Pickled Hot Peppers orange preferably;
  • ½ cup chopped Parsley.


  • Toss the cabbage and onion with the garlic salt and let sit for at least an hour until both vegetables have wilted slightly. Squeeze the vegetables well to expel excess water and drain any liquid thrown off.
  • In a deep bowl, stir together the Mayonnaise, Horseradish and Sriracha.
  • Finally, stir in all the remaining ingredients and chill before serving.


  1. Will definitely try! I imagine the cool and crisp cabbage with the spiciness… Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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