Hummus with Lamb at Chef Abod

Hummus with Lamb at the Chef Abod Restaurant in Halifax

Hummus with Lamb at the Chef Abod Restaurant in Halifax

My first experience at the Chef Abod Restaurant in Halifax was for a light lunch. Chef Abod’s serves a wide range of Middle Eastern dishes from several different countries and has a very nice appetizer section. The dish pictured above was an appetizer of Lamb and Hummus which turned out to be very substantial and absolutely delicious.

For those unfamiliar, Hummus is a seasoned Chick-pea puree blended with Tahini, Lemon and Garlic, which is widely eaten across the whole of the Middle East. It has a mild nutty taste and is often served as a dip with Pita bread, a base for salad preparations, or as a sauce for Falafel and Shawarma. In all honesty, I can usually take or leave Hummus and often find it a bit bland an uninteresting. At Chef Abod’s, however, their preparation won me over.

On the menu, there was a picture of this appetizer which rather looked like a small amount of Hummus spread fairly thinly on a flat plate. When it arrived, though, the plate turned out to be more of a shallow bowl and there was quite a bit of Hummus, not to mention the additions. It came with a sizeable basket of Pita Bread wedges on the side (visible at the top of the picture), and the whole thing was much more substantial than expected.

The Hummus was topped with a very delicately seasoned Ground Lamb which was still quite warm. There were also slivered Almonds, wedges of Radish and Cucumber, and a generous drizzling of Olive Oil. The Hummus itself was very smooth and tasty, and I like both the textural and the temperature contrast between it and the ground Lamb. There was Sumac sprinkled over the meat and this added a nice, slightly tangy bite to the flavor.

Quite honestly, the Hummus with Lamb at Chef Abod could easily serve as a shared appetizer for four. Unfortunately, there were only two of us at the table on this occasion and it was just a bit much. We could have finished it, but, as delicious as it was, we had to restrain ourselves to leave room for some of the other selections on the menu.

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