Inari Sushi at Sushi North

Inari Sushi at Sushi North

The Inari Sushi at Sushi North in Yellowknife were well made and as good as most varieties I have had. I gave them a Rating of 4 out of 5.

Sushi North is one of the more northerly Japanese Restaurants in North America, but I have been served some very good dishes there, including their Japanese style Shu Mai , which ranked as one of the versions I have tasted. Their Inari Sushi was also top quality.

For those unfamiliar, Inari Sushi (or ‘Inarizushi’, as it is usually known in Japan) consists of deep-fried pockets of tofu (known as ‘Aburaage’) which are then stuffed with sushi rice, poached in stock, and allowed to cool before serving.

There can be different additions to the stuffing, seaweed, or sesame seeds, for instance, but the Inari Sushi at Sushi North was a very basic form of the dish and was stuffed very simply with the same sushi rice as used in their Nigiri and Maki style Sushi.

I was quite impressed with the tofu pouches in this instance. They were very delicate and considerably thinner than my own attempts at making them. I am not sure if the kitchen at Sushi North makes their own, if they are commercially purchased, but they were very well made and tasty.

I am not sure of the poaching medium used by Sushi North. Sometimes, Dashi is used and that usually leaves a hint of smokiness. Here the liquid was quite sweet and I think it may have been a very mild dashi with soy sauce and mirin added. There was even a slight stickiness to the surface of the tofu which made me think a sweet sauce had been drizzled over at first, but I rather think it was probably just the sugar content of the poaching sauce.

In any event, the Inari Sushi at Sushi North was better than any I have made in my own kitchen and as good, or better than other versions I have experienced elsewhere.

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