Lamb Rack at Vittoria Trattoria

Lamb Rack at the Vittoria Trattoria Restaurant in Ottawa

Lamb Rack at the Vittoria Trattoria Restaurant in Ottawa

The Lamb Rack at the Vittoria Trattoria Restaurant in Ottawa was crusted with herbs, beautifully roasted, and served with grilled vegetables.

The Vittoria Trattoria restaurant in Ottawa was once a fixture in Byward Market, but it suffered a serious fire and has relocated since I last had a meal there. The lovely lamb preparation you see above was the very last dish of that last meal, and it was a fitting and delicious last supper indeed.

My appetizer for the evening was Escargot sautéed with mushrooms in a tarragon-garlic cream sauce that was spiked with vermouth. My picture of it did not turn out very well unfortunately, but, as it happened, I wasn’t all that keen on it anyway.

The Rack of Lamb at Vittoria Trattoria was described on the menu as a Sumac crusted Rack with Roasted Potatoes and Grilled Mediterranean Vegetables. It was, I thought, not very attractively, nor inventively plated, with a poor choice of platter being used, but, thankfully, things improved from there.

The Potatoes were a red variety, halved and roasted with just a little salt and pepper as seasoning. They were decent enough, if not especially remarkable. Zucchini and Bell Pepper, bot red and green, were the grilled vegetables that night, and they were very good. There was a slight touch of Thyme to them and they were all nicely crisp-tender with just a slight smokiness from the grill.

The Lamb rack, which was the equivalent of six thin, but meaty chops, was expertly grilled and, somewhat to my chagrin, prepared exactly as I ordered. I actually like my Lamb done to medium-rare but, time after time when I order it that way, it ends up being over done. Being clever, on this occasion, I ordered it rare in hope of medium-rare, but, as you can see, the grill chef knew what he was doing. Still, I didn’t mind all that much and the pink interior was delightfully tender.

I couldn’t actually detect any of the promised Sumac on the Lamb’s outer crust. There was a nice herb coating, which was light, but very pleasant, but none of the sharpness of Sumac at all. This was a tiny bit disappointing but the decent grilling job, with delicious charring of the edge fat more than made up for the omission. In all, the Lamb Rack at the Vittoria Trattoria was one of the better Grilled Lamb dishes I have been served in a restaurant.

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