Lemon Stuffed Olives
Lemon Stuffed Olives

These Lemon-Stuffed Olives were inspired by an appetizer I once had served to me in a Greek restaurant. Like many recipes for lemon stuffed olives, the ones I had on that occasion used the zest for the stuffing and were served in a simple herbed-olive oil. Here, I substitute the flesh of the lemon for the zest, and include a little white wine in the marinade.

The Method

Stuffing the Olives
Stuffing the Olives

I am using some fairly large brine-packed green olives for this particular dish. The stuffing operation is fairly simple and requires only that you chop a little lemon flesh and then poke it into the holes in each olive.

Marinating the Olives
Marinating the Olives

You could probably serve Lemon Stuffed Olives immediately after preparing them, but I am adding a little flavor by marinating them in a little white wine, olive oil, chopped garlic, and a pinch each of oregano and coarsely ground chili.

On this occasion, I let everything sit for just a few hours but allowing them to marinate overnight, or even for a few days, would be fine too…


A very simple variation would be to use olives other than the large green ones I have used here. Small olives will obviously be a bit more fiddly to stuff, so you may wish to avoid those, but the large, dark Kalamata type would be very nice for this sort of preparation.

Pimento stuffed olives are perhaps the most widely known sort, and you would be hard pressed to find a supermarket these days that doesn’t carry at least two different brands of these. Home made would be much better of course, and you could always try my Roasted Red Peppers to use as a stuffing.

Anchovies are also a popular stuffing, and a mixture of different fresh herbs would work nicely as well. You might also try chopping up either green chili peppers, or capers, or a combination of both, to use as a stuffing, and you could, of course, combine either of these with the aforementioned fresh herbs. Really, the permutations are just about endless…


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