Onion Bhaji at Mukut in Ottawa

Onion Bhaji at the Mukut Restaurant in Ottawa

The Onion Bhaji at the Mukut Restaurant in Ottawa weren’t the best I have ever been served but they were tasty and earned a 3 out of 5 Rating.

I have previously noted that the Mukut Restaurant In Ottawa did not impress me as one those Indian restaurants I would return to again and again. The dishes I tried there were generally mediocre, as with their bland and uninteresting Mukut Dal Soup. The one item that did rise above the rest was the Onion Bhaji appetizer.

The Onion for these Bhaji were minced extremely finely and mixed into a batter composed of Besan, or Chick-pea flour. The result was a fairly homogenous center with just a few whole spice grains standing out from the dough, and I am just sorry that I didn’t think to take a picture of this.

I am not able to identify all the spices that were used for these Bhaji. I was able to detect whole fennel seed and Kalonji in the batter, but not very much else. There was a little heat present, but I think this was from ordinary Pepper rather than from Chili. Whatever the actual blend used, it was subtle and very nicely balanced.

The dipping sauce was composed, so I was told, of yoghurt, Mayonnaise, Mint and various spices. I am not fond of Yoghurt based dips, but this one was light on the Yoghurt and was quite nice as an accompaniment (although I would have preferred a Tamarind based dip, myself). In any event, the texture and taste of the Onion Bhaji at Mukut were very pleasant and I enjoyed them very much. I don’t think they were the best I have had in a restaurant (the very good Onion Bhaji at Shafali, come to mind), but in the spirit of honesty, I will say that they were better than any of those I have cooked at home.

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