Paella with Seafood at Sabor

Paella with Seafood at Sabor

Paella with Seafood at the Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta

I wouldn’t call Paella my signature dish exactly, but it is certainly in my top ten favorite dishes and the number of times I have made it at home far outstrips the number of times I have eaten it in a restaurant. After I enjoying a lovely Tapas meal at the Sabor Restaurant in Edmonton, I made a point of returning to try their version of Paella. I was a little disappointed with a couple of things but I generally found it very good.

The menu at Sabor describes the Seafood Paella as containing prawns, scallops, calamari, clams and mussels. Unfortunately, it happened that the shellfish delivery to the restaurant had been delayed so I was a bit vexed that the last two items were not available. I didn’t mind the lack of clams too much but I always add mussels to my own versions and missing them here was very disappointing. Fortunately, the restaurant compensated by increasing the remaining items.

The seafood was complimented by onion, red pepper, peas and green beans. I generally use all these except for the green beans and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice they were here in the Sabor production as I am not usually much of a fan. The rice was well infused with saffron, as it should be, and there was also a faint hint of cayenne or other peppery heat lurking in there somewhere.

My only other disappointment was that the dish was not cooked and served in an individual Paella pan, especially since, in consequence, the Soccarat, or bottom-of-the-pan rice crust, was minimal. The seafood had been grilled first then added over the rice, which was actually a nice touch, and I can’t complain about the socarrat too much as I rarely achieve this when I cook Paella using my own (slightly offbeat) method. In short, the Paella with Seafood at Sabor was a lovely meal and I enjoyed it very much.

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