Patatas Bravas at the Underground

Patatas Bravas at the Underground Tap and Grill in Edmonton

Patatas Bravas at the Underground Grill in Edmonton

I was drawn to the Underground Tap and Grill in Edmonton chiefly because they advertised having 71 Beers on tap (up to 72 according to the most recent edition of their website). It is primarily a Sports Bar but they have a very interesting menu with dishes that are a cut above the usual fare in such places. The Patatas Bravas, pictured above, were an especially interesting take on a classic dish popular on virtually all Spanish Tapas menus.

The Underground takes its name from the fact that is below street level, and accessed by its own proprietary escalator (which is a feature I don’t recall ever seeing elsewhere). I was staying in Edmonton for just over a week and, as the place was near my hotel, I managed to make a fair number of visits. I sampled a good number of their beers (around twenty, I think), and tried quite a few of their dishes as well.

Patatas Bravas are a standard item on any Tapas menu, and there are probably as many variations on the basic theme as there are Tapas bars in Spain. I have previously posted my own Patatas Bravas Recipe, which is a bit simpler (and I think just a little bit better) than the version at the Underground.

The one thing that didn’t impress me much about the Patatas Bravas at the Underground was the plating job. It was a very generous portion, but the soup dish didn’t strike me as very elegant at all. The establishment is not a high-end eatery, to be fair, but even down-market Tapas bars tend to make slightly prettier presentations.

Anyway, the potatoes themselves were chunks that had been deep-fried and then drizzled with a garlic rich Aioli style Mayonnaise, and a Hot Pepper Sauce of some sort. The only issue here was that the potatoes were a little dry in places and a much better idea, in my opinion, would have been to toss the potatoes in the Aioli to coat them well, and then drizzle them with the hot sauce afterwards.

Still, despite that, I thought the sauces were very nice and I enjoyed the dish very much. Overall, I felt the Patatas Bravas at the Underground Tap and Grill deserved a Rating of 4 out of 5.

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