Pot-stickers (鍋貼) at Jing Cheng in Halifax

Pot-stickers at Jing Cheng

Pot-stickers (鍋貼) at Jing Cheng in Halifax were rustic in form and appearance, but they were also very good and deserved a 5 out of 5 Rating.

The Jing Cheng Restaurant in Halifax appears to be closed now, as far as I have been able to tell. This is a shame, really, because, while the bulk of Chinese restaurants in this city are most definitely of the Western-style Chinese food variety, this one had all sorts of interesting dishes, particularly those native to Sichuan. The Pot-stickers at Jing Chen did not fall into that category exactly, but they were a rustic, homey sort of interpretation of the sort you usually get served in most places and were very good.

The Pot-stickers at Jing Cheng came 8 to an order and were identified on the menu with the Chinese Characters for Jiǎozi (餃子), but were clearly the type usually known as Guōtiē (鍋貼).

The dumplings were piping hot (not always true in other establishment), stuffed with lightly seasoned chopped pork, cabbage and ginger, and they came with a side dish of minced garlic in black vinegar for dipping. Personally, I think a little Red Chili Oil would have been better, either alone or added to the vinegar, but I didn’t think to ask for any until I was almost finished. Chiefly, this was probably because, being so juicy and tasty, they didn’t need much else.

Anyway, in truth, I didn’t think the Pot-stickers at Jing Cheng were better than my own but I have not tasted many that were much better, and have certainly been served plenty that were much, much worse.

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