Satay Pork at Bangkok Thai

Satay Pork at the Bangkok Thai Garden Restaurant in Ottawa

Satay Pork at the Bangkok Thai Garden Restaurant in Ottawa

The Bangkok Thai Garden isn’t my favorite Thai restaurant in Ottawa, but the food, though ‘dumbed down’ in heat and flavor to appeal to Western palates, is actually pretty good. The Satay dish you see above was not only prettily plated, it was a surprisingly generous serving size for an appetizer and was very nicely prepared.

The first thing that captured my attention when the plate arrived at my table was the very pretty carved carrot sitting atop the small side salad. It was, I presume, a flower of some sort, but it looked for all the world like a Scottish Thistle to me. Whatever it was, it was exquisitely done and I had to wonder how many of these are carved each day, and how long each one takes. I am presuming, with crossed fingers, that they are not recovered from each dish and then served again to other customers.

Anyway, there was about twice the meat I was actually expecting here and it was very nice and tender. In keeping with their general approach, the seasoning was very light and I really couldn’t detect any of the characteristic Thai aromatics. There was a sweet glaze (something vaguely like Hoisin Sauce) but not a great deal else. That might sound a bit disappointing but the grilling was nicely done, leaving a succulent interior, and the overall effect was very pleasant.

Satay Pork at the Bangkok Thai was served, as is fairly typical, with a Peanut Sauce on the side. Now, this one was not quite as good as the one previously reviewed in my post on the Satay Gai at Khao Thai, but, as I mentioned there, I don’t generally like Peanut Sauces all that much so coming across ones I do is a bonus for me.

I really am not sure what went in to the Bangkok Thai Peanut Sauce. It was very slightly sweet, but also tangy, and I think there was a touch of Fish Sauce in there somewhere. There was also just a touch of Chili heat (a dash of Chili Oil, maybe), but all in all, the various flavor components were subtle but very well balanced. All in all, this little appetizer was probably one of the better dishes I have had at Bangkok Thai Garden over the years.

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