Scotch Eggs at The Clarendon

Scotch Eggs at The Clarendon Tavern in Ottawa

Scotch Eggs at The Clarendon Tavern in Ottawa

I visited the Clarendon Tavern in Ottawa not long after it first opened its doors and I very much enjoyed the ambience, as well as its very decent selection of beers. The menu there is somewhat eclectic but interesting, and their Scotch Eggs, a long-time favorite snack in English Pubs, presented a unique and very tasty twist on the classic form.

When I was a kid growing up in Britain, Scotch Eggs, aside from being regular Pub-fare, would often put in an appearance at picnics or on cold buffets, but, on this side of the pond, they seem less well known and are only infrequently encountered. Basically, the idea is that a boiled egg is wrapped in sausage meat, coated in breadcrumbs and then deep-fried or baked. They can be eaten hot, or cold, and with or without any ‘sides’ or condiments.

At the Clarendon Tavern, their version of the Scotch dish varied from the way that my mother made them in that the egg was soft, rather than hard-boiled, and the sausage meat in question was made with Chorizo, which, for those unfamiliar, is a spicy, usually smoked sausage native to Spain and Portugal, but found all over Latin America as well.

Anyway, this particular rendition of the Scotch Egg was served with some very nice Bread and Butter Pickles, grainy mustard, and a salad of greens in a lovely dressing containing just a little lemon zest. There were also some finely shredded pickles in the greens and, while I could not identify them, I thought them a very nice addition.

As for the Scotch Egg itself, the coarse breadcrumb produced a very nice crust that was still nicely crisp and the Chorizo made a great change from the usual fare. There was also a slight ‘curry’ taste to the meat coating, and I could definitely detect cumin and coriander in the blend. Whatever it was, the result was a nice play on an old favorite and one worth experimenting with at home.

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