Seekh Kabab at the Shafali Restaurant in Ottawa

Seekh Kabab at the Shafali Restaurant in Ottawa

The Seekh Kabab at the Shafali Restaurant in Ottawa was prepared with aromatically spiced minced beef, grilled on skewers in a sausage shape, the sliced and served with a yoghurt-mint sauce.

I have previously mentioned that the Shafali restaurant is not particularly skilled when it comes to plating, but that the quality of their food is generally very good. Here, in the appetizer pictured above, both qualities were true to tradition and, though not especially well presented, the Seekh Kabab at Shafali were executed extremely well.

I will first note that the Kebabs themselves were served with a small salad with a mayonnaise-based dressing with curry flavoring. This was the same salad served with the Shafali Onion Bhajis and, as with that dish, I tasted but did not finish the salad. This is not a reflection on the quality, by any means, rather it was just a case of not wanting to fill up on accompaniments while I still had other dishes I wanted to try.

Anyway, the Kebabs were prepared with ground beef that had been mixed and beaten into a very smooth paste before being mixed with a variety of spices. The grilling job was decently done and it was obvious that the meat had been formed into a long sausage shape and cooked on skewers as the oblique slices all had a hole through them.

The meat was just a little dry, and a slightly fattier mixture might have helped with that, but the taste was very pleasant and I was able to detect cumin and coriander along with a faint hint of cardamom and, maybe, a little nutmeg. The Kebabs were mildly hot but I think that may have come from black pepper rather than chili.

There was a sauce on the side which was yoghurt based and mainly flavored with mint. I like yoghurt when it is cooked in a dish, but I am not keen on it raw and there was also a bit of cilantro in the blend which I don’t care for either. Unfortunately, I wasn’t really able to enjoy the side sauce at all, but in all other respects the Seekh Kabab at the Shafali were very well done.

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