Shrimp Stuffed Wings at the Taste of Saigon in Yellowknife

Shrimp Stuffed Wings at the Taste of Saigon in Yellowknife

I have previously reviewed some of the excellent dishes I have enjoyed at the Taste of Saigon Restaurant in Yellowknife, notably their very nice Beef Satay Skewers. The appetizer you see pictured above was something of a novelty to me, being Chicken Wings with a stuffing of Shrimp, but they were every bit as good.

The appetizer consisted of four Chicken wings without the first joint, or ‘drumstick’ section. The end piece was intact, but the center section had its two bones removed in order to make room for the stuffing.

When I asked my server about this dish, he described the wings as being breaded with Panko crumbs before being deep-fried, but the breading was a bit too fine to be Panko, and I think just ordinary breadcrumbs were used. Personally, I would have been happy with just a light coating of flower so regular breadcrumbs instead of the larger, crunchier Panko was not an issue for me.

I was surprised to find that the Shrimp used in the stuffing was chopped quite coarsely rather than into a fine paste. This must have made getting the stuffing into the tiny opening in the wings quite a bit more difficult, I should think, but they managed very well and the amount of Shrimp was actually quite generous.

On the whole, this appetizer was really well done. The Chicken meat was cooked through but still juicy, while leaving the Panko breading a nice golden color. The Shrimp filling was very lightly seasoned, just a little Salt and White Pepper, I think, and the texture was just right to allow the fresh taste to come through. If I was going to reproduce this myself, I think I would be inclined to include just a little bit of freshly grated Ginger in with the stuffing, but the absence of it here didn’t make the dish any less enjoyable. All in all, the Shrimp Stuffed Wings at the Taste of Saigon in Yellowknife were a winner.

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