Small Plates & Appetizers…

Small plate dishes may be served as appetizers, or preludes to other more substantial courses, or they can be served independently of any particular meal as a snack. Best of all, perhaps, one can ‘graze’ on a series of different delicacies and thus make a whole meal of many diverse tastes. Many cultures of a tradition of small plate service, all the way from the Italian Antipasti to the Russian Zakuski and that is how I have organized my selections here…

Chinese Dim Sum (點心) and other Small Plates (小吃)

Indian Appetizers and Snacks

Italian Antipasti and Spanish Tapas

More Mediterranean

Japanese Small Plates

Korean Banchan and other Small Plates

South-East Asian Snacks and Small Plates

Western Classics, Fusions and New Discoveries

Comments, thoughts or suggestions most welcome...

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