Squid Tentacles Deep-Fried at Fan's

Squid Tentacles Deep-Fried at Fan’s in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

My first experience with a Squid dish at Fan’s Restaurant in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, was a delivery order of Ginger-Fried Shredded Squid. I remember remarking, at the time, that it was one of the nicest squid dishes I have ever had. Their Dim Sum Menu, served on the weekends, also features a dish of Deep-Fried Squid Tentacles (pictured above), and this turned out to be among the best of all Deep-Fried Squid dishes I have been served in any type of restaurant, Chinese or otherwise.

There was nothing really remarkable about the preparation here. It was just Squid Tentacles Deep-Fried in a simple batter. The Tentacles, however, were a nice size, and clearly well-sourced. They were fresh, and very tasty, and fried so as to produce the best combination of tenderness and chewiness in a single bit.

I really couldn’t identify any particular seasoning in the batter, other than perhaps a little salt and pepper, but it was very nicely flavored and perfectly crisp. It was not too thick, and nowhere were there any pockets of soft, wet, or otherwise not completely properly cooked coating. I imagine that kitchen probably do a preliminary deep-fry ahead of time, and then a second to re-heat, and re-crisp, just before service, and this makes for a great result, with the batter staying crisp throughout.

I should also mention that the Ginger-Fried Shredded Squid dish I had a delivery order also featured Deep-Fried Squid ( albeit strips of body meat rather than tentacles), and these managed to remain crisp despite being served in a spicy sauce along with onions and peppers, and despite having travelled over 5 kilometers between kitchen and table.

Kudos to Fan’s!

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