Steamed Dungeness Crab

Steamed Dungeness Crab

Steamed Dungeness Crab in Vancouver’s Chinatown

The dish of Steamed Dungeness Crab you see pictured above was served to me at a little restaurant in Vancouver’s Chinatown whose name I sadly forgot to record in my notes. The restaurant had a tank of live crab, from which I was able to select my ‘victim’ (as shown in the inset above), and that was a rather novel experience for me as far as my crab-eating experience goes. The menu allowed me to choose how I wished the crab to be prepared and the result was terrific.

During my visit to Vancouver’s Chinatown, I saw several tanks of crab in various fishmongers… all the same type of crab… and in some notices, they were identified as 大肉蟹 which would be pronounced as ‘dà ròu xiè’ in Mandarin and could mean either ‘pork crab’ or ‘big meat crab’ depending on whether you treat the first two characters as stand-alone, or a compound. I asked my server what the crabs were called and she first said ‘Vancouver Crab’ but when I asked her what *she* called them, she said something that was so close to the aforesaid Mandarin rendering that I am pretty sure that it was the Cantonese equivalent (it was a Hong Kong style restaurant, after all). Anyway … I recall having Dungeness Crab in BC some 12 years ago and these looked the same so, upon comparing the shell markings to those in pictures of Dungeness Crab at Wikipedia, I am convinced that this is what I was served.

As to the preparation, I was given the choice of several different ways (all steamed) among which were included: black bean sauce, garlic sauce, ginger and scallion, and some sort of cream sauce… I chose the garlic. In retrospect, I think I probably should have gone with the ginger and scallion as ginger really does work well with crab (and fish in general), while the garlic came across as a little oily tasting after vigorous steaming. Still, I enjoyed it immensely, and, while it was a very messy dish to eat, the meat was so succulent and sweet I could have eaten two of the sizeable beasts. My final thought on completing this meal was to regret the unavailability of live crab in my own community so that I could reproduce the experience myself.

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