Surf and Turf Burger at Luxe

The Surf and Turf Burger at Luxe Bistro in Ottawa

The Surf and Turf Burger at Luxe Bistro in Ottawa

I first visited the Luxe Bistro in Ottawa some 10 years ago and I have eaten there many times since. One item on their menu that caught my eye repeatedly was a special burger with a patty topped with Lobster Meat. I stopped in to sample some oysters one evening on a visit to the Capital and I finally ended up giving it a try. I am sad to say, though, that it seems to have gone from the menu now, but I am glad I was able to try what turned out to be one of the most decadent dishes I have ever tried.

Actually, I should note that Luxe Bistro also does a ‘Lobster Poutine’ that features shoestring frites with Béarnaise sauce, cheese curds and chunks of sautéed Lobster. This also sounded interesting but I asked my server about both dishes and she said that, while she loved the Poutine, it was a very substantial, and very rich dish… She actually shivered in a decadently delighted sort of way and said … it’s all butter!

Anyway, I took that to mean it would mean an evening of dyspepsia for me if I tried to take it in on top of the Chianti I had already sampled and so I plumped for the famous ‘Surf and Turf’ Burger, only to find that it was pretty damn rich itself …

Well, the picture doesn’t do it justice (and I am afraid it was a bit messy when served), but to describe it in brief, … it was basically a Beef Burger slathered with Bacon Jam, topped generous amounts of chunked Lobster Meat, and drizzled with a rich, creamy Béarnaise sauce.

Shredded lettuce and a thick slice of tomato were also added, but I took the last off as the assembly was already a little top heavy and looked like it would easy start shooting stuff out here and there with each bite as it was.

Well, to cut to the chase, as it were, this was probably the richest burger I have ever had and, sad to say, I couldn’t finish it. Had it been just the beef and the lobster, with perhaps just a smidgen of the sauce, I might have managed it all, but, as it was, it was all just a bit much of a muchness.

One thing that really made it all a bit overpowering was that the bun (a sweet Brioche type, perhaps) was grilled after being slathered with butter. I am not keen on this at the best of times but just a plain toasting over the grill would have been fine. The Bacon Jam was tasty in and of itself, and lent a nice smoky touch, but it was just another layer of richness that you probably don’t need with the Lobster *and* Béarnaise.

Well, I don’t want to be overly critical here, as this was a pretty decent, if gimmicky idea. Still, sometimes you can go a bit too far and, while I might have eaten this and enjoyed it immensely on a different occasion, the decadent richness of this was just a little too much on this occasion.

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