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Experiment: Baby Bok Choy with White Wine and Oyster Sauce

This is the second vegetable dish I cooked to go with our Easter dinner of Roast Lamb (the other being Roasted Vegetables). I thought of doing something vaguely Italian with them but then decided on a sweeter preparation using Oyster sauce. Mixing white wine along with Oyster sauce may sound like an odd combination to some but I often do that when I cook my Beef and Broccoli in Oyster sauce and I also like the way it works here too…  Continue reading “Experiment: Baby Bok Choy with White Wine and Oyster Sauce”

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Foodstuff: Baby Bok Choy – Shanghai Variety

The picture you see above was labeled ‘Baby Bok Choy’ on the package I purchased here in Iqaluit. The name ‘Bok Choy’ will be familiar to most people as it is it now quite common, but many will associate it with the cabbage variety also known as Napa cabbage or ‘Chinese leaves’. Indeed, the name ‘Bok Choy, or some variant thereof, refers to quite a number of different vegetables…  Continue reading “Foodstuff: Baby Bok Choy – Shanghai Variety”