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Experiment: Green Peppers stir-fry Pork Belly

The above dish uses the pork belly that I pre-cooked for an illustration in a recent ‘Foodstuffs’ post, and which was featured as the complement to my Tomatoes stir-fry eggs experiment a few days ago. The inspiration of this dish is quite obviously Chinese but it is intended as a breakfast dish and thus is kept very simple: Continue reading “Experiment: Green Peppers stir-fry Pork Belly”

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Foodstuff: Pork Belly

Pork belly, the cut from the pig from which we make bacon, may seem like a bit of a mundane article to feature as a ‘Foodstuffs’ post but it is actually a very versatile and useful food product and deserves a special mention here.

For a long time, pork belly was a very rare item on our local grocery store shelf here in Arctic Canada, and though more common now, I still tend to buy it in large amounts whenever I see it. My only sorrow is that I have yet to be able to buy a large piece of belly with the skin attached and instead can only purchase it pre-sliced. The advantage to having a large piece is that you can slice it in any thickness you want or, alternatively, cook the whole piece as is for further use in any number of ways. Continue reading “Foodstuff: Pork Belly”